• Limited Warranties are issued by the manufactures. They control the terms and conditions of the warranty (Sleep Center). Please read and retain receipt and warrant information for any future services.

        Comfort*: Our ONE TIME 90 day comfort exchange is valid ONLY on conventional Twin, Full, Queen, King and Cal king mattress sets with a purchase of $599.00 or more. Qualified purchases are allowed ONLY ONE comfort exchange.
        You will receive full credit (Minus a $99.00 return processing fee and $89.00 re delivery fee) towards a new selection of equal or greater value. This comfort option is void on sleep sets that have been stained or damaged in any way.


            • Temper-Pedic: Mattress comfort policy is in for all sizes and there is a $250.00 return fee. Also based on the promotion and any items included will be charged full price as the pillows, mattress protector used are not returnable.
              **Adjustable bases do not have a comfort try period and may not be returned or exchanged!!**

                • Bed Height: you are responsible to observe and determine the thickness of the mattress you select as well as the box height; Exchanging box will cost $75 or more. Low profile bed frames are available.

                    • Proper Support for the box spring and mattress: (See Warranty) if the mattress or mattress set is being installed on your existing bed set/frame; it is your responsibility to meet those guidelines.

                        • Your new mattress set may not exactly like the one in the store. Mattresses that are manufactured in the U.S are hand assembled. A new mattress may have minor imperfections that will not affect the performance or warranty of your mattress set… New product odors are common (much like new cars) and should dissipate in a few days.

                            • Adjustable beds, pillows, sheets, and mattress protectors DO NOT have comfort exchange period, may not be returned. ALL SALES ARE FINAL! There are NO REFUNDS!!

                              THE BODY NEEDS TIME TO ADJUST:

                              On average, it takes the human body approximately 8 weeks to adjust to the new support provided by the new mattress.

                              Please note: Mattresses gradually break down over the years.


                              NEW MATTRESS SMELL:

                              Odors in new products are common. Once the mattress is made, they are packaged and sealed in plastic bags immediately after production. When the package is initially opened, you may notice a scent that comes from the new materials and foams.


                              Please note: The smell will dissipate after a few days. To speed up the process, you can air out the mattress prior to putting on your sheets.

                              BODY IMPRESSIONS:

                              New padding layers begin to form to your body immediately. As a result, you can expect body impressions.


                              Please note: This is normal and does not reflect a defective mattress. Impressions of the body can be reduced, but will not be eliminated by following a monthly rotational schedule.


                              SCUFFS, BLEMISHES OR LOOSE THREADS:


                              You may notice inconsistencies with your new mattress set.

                              Please note: Small scuffs, blemishes, or loose threads are very common and does not affect the warranty, comfort, or durability of your new mattress.

                              MATTRESS THICKNESS:


                              Today, mattresses a made much thicker than ever before! As a result, you mattress may be higher off the ground that your previous set, which means that your current sheets may not fit as well. To solve this problem, you may need deep pocket sheets that are designed for thicker mattresses.


                              Please note: Headboards/footboards are available to accommodate the height and thickness of your mattress.

                              What can you expect from your new mattress?

                              Congratulations! You have just purchased a new mattress!

                              Please review the following information for more information.

                              Much like people, no two mattresses are identical. All mattresses that are manufactured in the United States are hand-assembled. Each mattress has unique characteristics that may include but are not limited to: fabric scuffs, skipped threads, contoured seams, etc. These production characteristics will not affect the manufacturer’s warranty of the physical performance of the mattress itself.

                              Our recommendations: Use a mattress pad or encasement for all new mattresses. This is to protect the surface fabric from damage, spills and/or stains, as these will, in fact, invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.

                              Thank you for your purchase!

                              DELIVERY OPTIONS!

                              • We will provide you with the next available delivery date and time than best fits your needs.

                              • Our trained delivery team will set up your new mattress and bed set and takes away the excess packaging.

                              • We remove your old mattress and dispose of it for you.

                              HOW TO PREPARE FOR A DELIVERY

                              • The delivery team will call you 30 minutes prior to your delivery; within your time slot.

                              • For safety: our delivery team is required to wear shoes inside during delivery, but can wear foot protectors to protect your home if requested.

                              • Please restrain any and all animals prior to delivery.

                              • Clear a path free from furniture, breakable items, valuables, and other obstructions from your front door to the bedroom.

                              • If your delivery path ways is deemed as difficult with potential risks of the product or the home damage, a damage waiver may be required to proceed with delivery.

                              • The delivery team must verify the identity of all the customers paying upon delivery. We require valid identification that matched the method of payment and person signing for delivery.

                              • The person receiving and signing for the delivery must be at least 18 years of age.

                              • We are unable to remove more mattress sets that we have delivered.

                              • We are able to remove water beds; if they have been disassembled, drained, resealed and placed outside. Large water bed bases and headboards may be refused for removal if the truck space is limited.

                              • If your old mattress is heavily soiled then Sleep Center staff may refuse removal of your old mattress set to due to their safety. Sacramento County does offer mattress disposal.


                              FURNITURE RETURN POLICY

                              • * All Items that are unavailable at our Sacramento warehouse and take over 1 week to arrive from the manufacture are considered "Special Orders" Once we receive the item their is no cancellations on your order. * 
                              • "Special Order" May be cancelled and refunded as long as we have not received it from the manufacture. 
                              • There are no returns on furniture whatsoever. If an item is damaged the manufacture will provide an replacement part.