Smart Motion base 2.0 (QUEEN)


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Introducing Beautyrest® SmartMotion™ Base powered by Sleeptracker™, an advanced new sleep optimization system with highly accurate multistage sleep tracking. The integrated sensors capture precise readings of awake time, light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep throughout the night, uncovering the full depth of your sleep patterns and ways to improve them. With this exclusive technology, the Sleeptracker® System is designed to help you improve your overall sleep quality, awake at the optimal time to feel refreshed and adjust the bed profile to your most comfortable position.

Individualized Sleep Tracking

Advanced non-invasive sensors accurately monitor up to two sleepers independently in order to display separate sleep data, reporting and coaching designed for improved sleep performance for both. Twin XL and Split King have one sensor. Queen has two sensors with one on each side.

Integrated Sensors

The sleep tracking sensors are integrated into the base and undetectable during sleep. No wearable device is necessary so you sleep freely.

Sleep Cycle System

Based on pre-selected earliest and latest wake times, the advanced alarm system detects when sleepers are in a light stage to wake them at the optimal moment to feel refreshed.

Customized Coaching

The Sleeptracker™ System monitors your inputs (i.e., heart rate, respiration rate and movement), compares your sleep history with individuals like you and synthesizes your information into real-time solutions designed to help you achieve an improved level of sleep.

Sleeptracker App (subscription required)

Synthesizes and stores data from SmartMotion™ Base

Captures precise readings of sleep metrics and all stages of sleep

Plays sounds designed to help you fall asleep and wake refreshed

Displays personal sleep score

Includes controls for the SmartMotion™ Base