The Benefits of Sleep

Sleep is something that the human body needs to survive, just like it needs food and water.

The Benefits of Sleep

Sleep is something that the human body needs to survive, just like it needs food and water. And just like the body needs to eat food packed with nutrients to become healthy, it needs a good quality of sleep too. In today’s world, there are many external distractions that prevent us from getting a good quality of sleep, such as a noisy environment, lighting, gadgets, and even a bad mattress can affect one’s quality of sleep.

For many years scientists have studied the science of sleep for many different reasons, one is the health risks that accompany a lack of sleep. If a person does not get enough sleep, the bodily functions most affected are learning, metabolism, memory, and immunity. It is hardly rocket science, not having good quality of sleep is bad for your health, because your body feels the negative effects immediately.

Sleep is the period when your body repairs and heals itself. There are many benefits that you can get from having good quality of sleep, and I have listed the top ones below.

1. Say Goodbye to Stress – Stress hormones are elevated every time your body does not get enough sleep, by getting enough sleep and rest you can prevent this from happening. When a person does not get enough sleep, he or she gets irritable and may have a problem concentrating, thus slowing down productivity. Lack of sleep will also affect both your personal life and work life, which can lead to stress. In today’s world where people have fast paced lifestyles, the inability to focus on the task at hand easily elevates their stress hormones. An easy solution is having good quality of sleep every night.

2. Better Memory – To better explain how your memory benefits from good quality of sleep, you need to know the basic stages of memory. Simply put, the first stage is when you acquire the knowledge, the second is memory consolidation or the stage where the knowledge sticks in your mind, and the last stage is recollection of that newly acquired knowledge. Multiple studies have been done regarding the relationship between sleep and memory, one of those has shown that the part of the brain responsible for memory retention is more active in clinical subjects who had a good quality of sleep. So, if you want to develop a sharper memory, you better start practicing good sleeping habits today.

3.Maintain your Weight – Just to be clear on this subject, maintaining your body weight is not the same as losing weight, so when I say good quality of sleep will help you maintain your weight, it means you will prevent unnecessary weight gain. If your goal is to lose weight, you will have to make the extra effort of eating right and getting enough exercise. Depriving yourself of sleep disrupts your body’s ability to efficiently use insulin, promoting fat storage instead of burning it. You may have heard some people in the pas say that if you lose sleep your metabolism slows down, well that is correct. Additionally, whenever your body is deprived of sleep, it craves more food, specifically ones packed with carbs and sugar.

4. Boost your immune system – A healthy immune system is something that everyone should aim to have. This is your body’s defense system against diseases. With a weak immune system, your body will be more prone to different diseases, and studies have shown that not having good quality of sleep weakens the body’s immune system. One study revealed subjects who did not have good quality of sleep when exposed to the common cold virus where four times more likely to get the cold virus verses subjects who had good quality of sleep.

If you have ignored the importance of sleep in the past, it is not too late to change your sleeping habits. See and feel how the many benefits of good quality of sleep can change your life.

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